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    Merry Christmas

    By Matt Conable December 23, 2021
    Merry Christmas End of Year message from WH founder Matt Conable
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    12 Pocket Knife Safety Tips and Laws

    By William Henry June 22, 2021
    Pocket knives are an invaluable tool to have at all times, but they can literally be a double edge-sword in some cases. We all have been warned about running with scissors and the same applies to an exposed pocket knife blade. It is never too early to learn about proper knife-wielding rules and laws.That is why we have assembled a...
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    Displaying Your Knife: Pocket Knife Display Case Ideas

    By William Henry May 14, 2021
    Displaying Your Knife: Pocket Knife Display Case Ideas
    Luxury pocket knives deserve a beautiful and protective home. Consider these sleek display case ideas to showcase your pocket knife collection in your home.
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    How to Clean and Maintain Your Dirty Pocket Knife

    By William Henry April 26, 2021
    How to Clean and Maintain Your Dirty Pocket Knife
    Cleaning your pocket knife is a sacrament that allows you to connect with each groove, screw,  and blade on an intimate level. Time-consuming? Sure. But it is a critical ritual that keeps your pocket knife as lustrous as the day you first bought it. More than a functional day-to-day tool, pocket knives are heirlooms that can be passed down for...
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    The Artistry of Lee Downey.

    By Matt Conable June 19, 2020
    The Artistry of Lee Downey.
    Matt Conable presents WH's hand-carved work. Lee Downey's hand-carved work for William Henry
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    Where It's Built

    By Matt Conable January 27, 2020
    Where It's Built
    Does it matter, really?  The world keeps getting smaller, and great work is great work, wherever its origin.  William Henry is a US company (not just designed in the US, designed and built in the US) but we’ve never draped ourselves in the Stars and Stripes.  Here’s why... From the beginning, I wanted to build the best stuff I could...

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