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In an increasingly digital world, luxury writing instruments stand out as nostalgic relics of the past. Using one of our sophisticated and embellished pens can bring you closer to your personal or business writing, whether it is a note or a journal.

Our luxury pens are hand-crafted, assembled, and polished so you know that every pen will have a unique flair. Choose from three striking pen collections: Cabernet, Chablis, and Bolt. Each collection caters to different but always stylish individuals looking for an easy-to-use and eye-catching pen.

Cabernet rollerball pens feature a stunning array of barrel materials, including spalted tamarind and box elder burl wood, 24K gold koftgari, titanium, and carbon fiber. These durable materials are paired with even more enticing materials like fossilized coral, dinosaur bone, and mammoth tooth ivory for a striking contrast of materials.

Chablis twist pens feature our Wavelock™ closure system composed of a ring of chromium steel balls embedded in a titanium ring, which is captured in wave-shaped grooves in titanium collars. Chablis writing instruments also use exotic woods, metals, and gemstones to make a bold statement.

Bolt pens feature a bolt action rifle-like mechanism that opens and closes via a spring release system. They are intuitive, sophisticated, and adorned in exclusive materials including coffee beans and acorn caps in ivory acrylic resin, fossilized coral, cocobolo wood, and carbon fiber.

All luxury writing instruments feature contemporary mechanics, varied designs, and impeccable craftsmanship.

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