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William Henry Insider

William Henry Insider
  1. Material of the Month, Studio Stories & Featured

    Kingman Turquoise

    By Matt Conable May 16, 2022
    Kingman Turquoise WH and zinc-matrix Kingman turquoise William Henry founder Matt Conable speaks about zinc-matrix Kingman turquoiseand how we use it in our collections.
  2. Studio Stories & Featured

    The K19 Chef Knives

    By Matt Conable March 20, 2022
    The K19 Chef Knives Matt Conable unboxes our K19 Kultro Chef knives
  3. Studio Stories

    F28 Raven

    By Matt Conable April 03, 2021
    F28 Raven William Henry founder Matt Conable speaks about ourfirst fixed-blade knife EXPLORE COLLECTION
  4. Studio Stories

    WH Blades

    By Matt Conable May 10, 2020
    WH Blades
    Matt Conable speaks about the polish and grind of William Henry's blades. WH founder Matt Conable speaks about the polish and grind of our blades.
  5. Material of the Month

    Material of the Month | Meteorite

    By William Henry March 18, 2020
    Material of the Month | Meteorite William Henry founder Matt Conable explains Meteorite Click HERE to see Meteorite in our collections
  6. Uncategorized & Studio Stories

    Where It's Built

    By Matt Conable January 27, 2020
    Where It's Built
    Does it matter, really?  The world keeps getting smaller, and great work is great work, wherever its origin.  William Henry is a US company (not just designed in the US, designed and built in the US) but we’ve never draped ourselves in the Stars and Stripes.  Here’s why... From the beginning, I wanted to build the best stuff I could...
  7. Studio Stories

    In service...

    By Matt Conable August 29, 2019
    In service...
    The Beatles got it right – ‘and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make’.  More than anything else we might accomplish, our legacy is tied to how we treat others.  The difference we make is best measured by the love we create and leave behind.  What does this have to do with William...
  8. Uncategorized

    Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Uses

    By Ox Content June 14, 2022
    Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Uses
    Knives have many uses in many sectors of human life, but there are few places where someone can hone their knife skills as well as they can in the kitchen. Whatever your level of experience is as a chef, learning how to properly utilize the many different types of kitchen knives will benefit both you and those you are cooking...
  9. Uncategorized

    How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives

    By Ox Content June 10, 2022
    How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives
    When it comes to properly maintaining your kitchen knives and ensuring that they are safe and efficient tools, there is little more important than proper sharpening. There are a number of tried and true methods for sharpening kitchen knives, and the method that suits you will depend on a few different factors. Before sharpening your knives, you need to consider...
  10. Uncategorized

    Pocket Knife Buying Guide 2022

    By Ox Content June 06, 2022
    Buying a pocket knife can be a daunting task. There are near-infinite options to choose from, from the number of blades to the style of blade, and even in the materials used. It can also be tough to find the balance between quality and affordability. Beyond the cost is also the knowledge that a pocket knife is a tool that...

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