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William Henry Insider

William Henry Insider
  1. Material of the Month & Studio Stories


    By Matt Conable July 14, 2022
    Jawan WH Founder Matt Conable speaks about the traditional Indonesian granulation technique
  2. Studio Stories

    F28 Raven

    By Matt Conable April 03, 2021
    F28 Raven William Henry founder Matt Conable speaks about ourfirst fixed-blade knife EXPLORE COLLECTION
  3. Studio Stories

    WH Blades

    By Matt Conable May 10, 2020
    WH Blades
    Matt Conable speaks about the polish and grind of William Henry's blades. WH founder Matt Conable speaks about the polish and grind of our blades.
  4. Material of the Month

    Material of the Month | Meteorite

    By William Henry March 18, 2020
    Material of the Month | Meteorite William Henry founder Matt Conable explains Meteorite Click HERE to see Meteorite in our collections
  5. Uncategorized & Studio Stories

    Where It's Built

    By Matt Conable January 27, 2020
    Where It's Built
    Does it matter, really?  The world keeps getting smaller, and great work is great work, wherever its origin.  William Henry is a US company (not just designed in the US, designed and built in the US) but we’ve never draped ourselves in the Stars and Stripes.  Here’s why... From the beginning, I wanted to build the best stuff I could...
  6. Studio Stories

    In service...

    By Matt Conable August 29, 2019
    In service...
    The Beatles got it right – ‘and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make’.  More than anything else we might accomplish, our legacy is tied to how we treat others.  The difference we make is best measured by the love we create and leave behind.  What does this have to do with William...
  7. Uncategorized & Articles

    The Ultimate Smart Casual Dress Gude

    By Ox Content November 30, 2022
    If you are looking for a happy medium between casual and business casual, smart casual might be the trendy style you need. When people refer to “smart casual”, it is not always easy to clearly understand what they mean by it. While there is no strict definition, this guide will help you understand what smart casual is, when to wear...
  8. Uncategorized

    How to Sharpen Damascus Steel

    By Ox Content November 21, 2022
    How to Sharpen Damascus Steel
    For knife enthusiasts, collectors, and any others who can appreciate excellent craftsmanship, there are few materials as attractive and distinctive as Damascus steel. Damascus steel blades are not only known for their stunning ripple patterns and layered sheets of metal but also for their incredible strength and utility. While these blades can be pricier and are certainly more unique than...
  9. Uncategorized & Articles

    Ideas to Consider for Men's Accessories

    By Ox Content November 17, 2022
    Ideas to Consider for Men's Accessories
    With the vast majority of the fashion industry being geared towards women, it can be hard for some men to decide what works and does not work; whether dressing up for an evening out on the town, a night on the stage, or casual, everyday style. If you are one of these men, fear not, there are some great luxury...
  10. Uncategorized

    15 Unique Gifts for Men That Have Everything

    By Ox Content November 09, 2022
    Everybody has that friend, the guy who always seems to look sharp and has the latest gadgets. It can be tough to shop for people who seem to know themselves so well that they probably have a better version of whatever you might think to get them. For friends like these, you have to think a little bit outside of...

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