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William Henry Insider

William Henry Insider
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    The Many Different Uses for Pocket Knives

    By William Henry May 31, 2022
    Around since at least 600 BCE, pocket knives have remained a popular staple of mankind’s tools, and for no small reason. There are few things as useful and versatile as pocked-sized folding knives, and these are just some of the many uses for your everyday carry (EDC). Household Uses As a place where you usually spend a large amount of...
  2. Material of the Month, Studio Stories & Featured

    Kingman Turquoise

    By Matt Conable May 16, 2022
    Kingman Turquoise WH and zinc-matrix Kingman turquoise William Henry founder Matt Conable speaks about zinc-matrix Kingman turquoiseand how we use it in our collections.
  3. Studio Stories

    Why Skulls?

    By Matt Conable May 11, 2022
    Why Skulls? WH Founder Matt Conable speaks about the importance of Skulls in our designs.
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    Guide to Buying Your First Pocket Knife

    By William Henry April 29, 2022
     As far as shopping experiences go, there are few as personal and, perhaps, spiritual as buying your first pocket knife. As common and versatile tools, people looking to purchase their first knife often face the pitfall of there being far too many options. For a lot of shoppers who do not really know what they are looking for in a...
  5. Studio Stories & Featured

    The K19 Chef Knives

    By Matt Conable March 20, 2022
    The K19 Chef Knives Matt Conable unboxes our K19 Kultro Chef knives
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    Merry Christmas

    By Matt Conable December 23, 2021
    Merry Christmas End of Year message from WH founder Matt Conable
  7. Studio Stories & Featured

    Personal Leather Goods

    By Matt Conable December 18, 2021
    Personal Leather Goods WH Founder Matt Conable speaks about the creation of our collection of personal Leather Goods
  8. Material of the Month & Studio Stories

    Copper Wave Damascus

    By Matt Conable December 11, 2021
    Copper Wave Damascus WH founder Matt Conable speaks about our signature damascus blade.
  9. Q & A with Matt, Studio Stories & Featured

    How to sharpen your knife with a wet stone

    By Matt Conable November 21, 2021
    How to sharpen your knife with a wet stone WH founder Matt Conable demonstrates the technique to sharpen your knives using a Japanese wet stone.
  10. Studio Stories

    William Henry's first Cigar Cutter

    By Matt Conable October 09, 2021
    William Henry's first Cigar Cutter WH founder Matt Conable unboxes and demonstrates our first knife/cigar cutter combo.