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This gorgeous divot repair tool is designed for a lifetime, built with precision and passion, and works with the comfort and style you expect from William Henry. The Fairway is an automatic tool – the two pronged fork is spring powered and quickly opens by pressing the button lock. It is just pure fun to play with and use – and completely legal everywhere. The automatic mechanism is complimented by a sliding safety on the back of the handle, which secures the tool in the closed position for safe carry. Each tool in this collection includes a PGA regulation size ball marker crafted from stainless steel, and finished with custom ‘guilloche’ engraving on the border. This technique is done in our studio on our 100 year old Swiss watch engraving machines – the same machines that textured the Faberge eggs and are still used to decorate the dials on the finest timepieces in the world. The center is left open for personalization – initials, monograms, club logos, or other artwork can be added here (at your retailer or local engraving shop). The ball marker is held in place by a hidden rare-earth magnet, and released by pushing down on the edge of the marker towards the front of the handle. Finally – the concave curve on the butt of the handle holds your putter handle! Deploy the tool, stick it in the ground, and lay your putter across it to keep the handle dry while you wait your turn… Exceptional functionality, in the range of exotic and storied materials that have made William Henry an icon in the world of luxury tools. Now you can make the experience and pleasure of using a William Henry part of your golf game – one more place that we can elevate superlative function to superlative art. Each D3 Fairway includes a lined leather ClipCase© for easy and secure carry, and ships in a presentation box with our Certificate of Authenticity.