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William Henry

Unique & Timeless

Choose an heirloom that is timeless, personal and relevant. Just like your own character and personality.

We All Have A Story to Tell

The seamless integration of classic natural materials, precious metals & gemstones, and state-of-the-art alloys is a hallmark of William Henry’s work. But what makes this brand so distinctive is that it has proudly retained the aura and feel of an artisan workshop, where most pieces are designed and created exclusively in limited, often unique editions.

Latest Releases

Explore our most recent jewelry, pocketknives, and writing instruments.

  1. Gearhead
    Hand-engraved bolsters with inlaid 24K gold, ...
  1. Bottega
    Hand-engraved with 24K gold, inlaid with Wool...
  2. Cascade
    Hand engraved stainless steel frame with wool...

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