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  1. Material of the Month, Studio Stories & Featured

    Kingman Turquoise

    By Matt Conable May 16, 2022
    Kingman Turquoise WH and zinc-matrix Kingman turquoise William Henry founder Matt Conable speaks about zinc-matrix Kingman turquoiseand how we use it in our collections.
  2. Studio Stories & Featured

    The K19 Chef Knives

    By Matt Conable March 20, 2022
    The K19 Chef Knives Matt Conable unboxes our K19 Kultro Chef knives
  3. Studio Stories & Featured

    Personal Leather Goods

    By Matt Conable December 18, 2021
    Personal Leather Goods WH Founder Matt Conable speaks about the creation of our collection of personal Leather Goods
  4. Q & A with Matt, Studio Stories & Featured

    How to sharpen your knife with a wet stone

    By Matt Conable November 21, 2021
    How to sharpen your knife with a wet stone WH founder Matt Conable demonstrates the technique to sharpen your knives using a Japanese wet stone.

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