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  • William Henry Fans

    FEATURED William Henry CUSTOMER: Jim Atkinson

    By William Henry September 21, 2019

    The Tradition Continues...

    About 5 years ago, we lost my step-dad, Jim Shamblin, after a long battle with Post-Polio Syndrome.  Luckily for me, Jim and I developed a special bond over the years that I will always treasure, and he sealed it with his beloved collection of William Henry knives.

    Jim Shamblin was a “man’s man” and had the kind of life you only read about in adventure novels.  As a teenager, he joined the Merchant Marine during WWII, and was the sole survivor when the tanker he was serving on was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine off the coast of India.  After floating on a drum for a week, Jim was rescued by another US tanker.

    Jim and his stellar knife collection

    Jim ended up joining the Army and served in post-war Germany, and eventually in Vietnam, where he survived a helicopter crash.  He became an engineer and worked on projects for the Department of Defense, NASA, the US Air Force, as well as international companies and foreign governments. And, in his retirement, Jim wrote 6 novels, largely autobiographical, about some of the amazing episodes in his life.

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  • William Henry Fans

    FEATURED William Henry CUSTOMER: Juan

    By William Henry August 27, 2019

    I am not one to wear jewelry just for the sake of it; I need meaningful symbolism reflecting my very core. The quality and design of William Henry's bracelets are a perfect match for me, and they serve as bold reminders of who I want to be. They also are fully functional meditation aids and stress relievers.

    The Lava Sanctum rides at the top of the stack, stating in no uncertain terms who comes first. It is followed by the Sodalite Tether, which wraps around the wrist twice, and is a perfect representation of my soul-tethers to my better half and my son. The Tether is made magnitudes stronger by the Sanctum. The Sodalite Dauntless is the chunkiest piece in the stack, serving as a powerful reminder that this is a warrior's life and armor and weaponry are required. It connects nicely to my viking heritage as well. When I discovered this piece, it was already out of production, but William Henry kindly created one for me regardless. Finally, the Shaman completes the stack at the bottom. Each of the 13 skulls is a family member or close friend I have lost. It also depicts that mortality is a certainty no matter how hard I fight, and really closes the circle with the Sanctum.
    - Juan I.

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  • William Henry Fans

    FEATURED William Henry CUSTOMER : Ed Roberts

    By William Henry July 15, 2019


    Ed Roberts

    Boots and Denim. Seeing that William Henry design for the first time changed my entire outlook on men wearing bracelets. More specifically, me wearing a bracelet. I’m not afraid of style that breaks tradition, but traditions run deep here in my neck of the woods.

    For years the standard uniform was a polo, khakis, sunglasses, croakie, and a dive watch. Fellas break that tradition during the Brewgaloo Beer Festival where it’s acceptable to wear the plastic wristband provided at the ID checking station. This wristband gives you access to the best craft beers brewed here in the Old North State.

    Times are changing. Or maybe I’m just getting older and a bit more daring after losing 75 pounds. Either way, there was something about 10,000-year-old fossilized woolly mammoth tooth, blue sodalite, and carved silver that just looked damn cool to me. It was me, so I bought it.

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  • William Henry Fans

    FEATURED William Henry CUSTOMER : Tony Huffman

    By William Henry June 19, 2019

    As a child of the South, a pocketknife was as much a part of the wardrobe as the pants it was carried in, and I was no exception.  There is not a time I can remember not having a Case or Buck or Gerber knife in my pocket.  Little did I know there was a much wider world of knives out there until 2009.  While on vacation in Sandestin, Florida, I stumbled on Baytowne Jewelers tucked in between the Acme Oyster House and the Ice Cream Shop (and across the street from the Candy Store – food and sweets being a real close second to my knife passion).

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  • William Henry Fans

    FEATURED William Henry CUSTOMER - Christina Dale

    By William Henry May 2, 2019

    Just received another bracelet today. Screams....I love my William Henry jewelry. These rare pieces of gemstone put together are very unique and exotic. I especially love how these bracelets add such a sophisticated look to my casual wear. Not only does it give a bold statement to my attire, these precious stones have healing and protection properties that keeps my spirit at ease and protects my spirit when I’m feeling unbalanced.

    William Henry jewelry collector Christina Dale

    Even though it’s advertised as men’s jewelry, William Henry’s jewelry is elegant for all. I never leave the house without wearing 1 or more pieces. William Henry’s bracelets compliment one another for stacking or can be worn alone. In the last 2 years I’m honored to have added 7 bracelets to my collection. Yes....I’m addicted!!!! If you don’t have William Henry in your life, you’re not living well. So what are you waiting for? Thank you William Henry for having such rare and precious jewelry. 

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