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FEATURED William Henry CUSTOMER : Tony Huffman

By William Henry June 19, 2019

As a child of the South, a pocketknife was as much a part of the wardrobe as the pants it was carried in, and I was no exception.  There is not a time I can remember not having a Case or Buck or Gerber knife in my pocket.  Little did I know there was a much wider world of knives out there until 2009.  While on vacation in Sandestin, Florida, I stumbled on Baytowne Jewelers tucked in between the Acme Oyster House and the Ice Cream Shop (and across the street from the Candy Store – food and sweets being a real close second to my knife passion).

It was there at Baytowne Jewelers where the owner, Dave Gillespie, sold me my first William Henry knife. It was a Lancet, with a Mother of Pearl handle, and I was hooked.  Ten years later, Dave is still selling me WH knives, along with many other fine William Henry dealers.

I’ve bought knives in California, Colorado, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, Nevada, New York, Alabama, Texas and of course directly from William Henry.  The first thing I do when booking a trip is to Google WH dealers in the area, and always make a trip to the local dealer.  That is the depth of my passion (aka sickness says my family – I say they’re an investment) for these knives.  Although, it was my wife who had two lighted display cases made for my collection, so she is contributing to the sickness.

Currently as the owner of 70 WH knives (and 71 is on the way – going to need a third display case), my passion has not diminished.  I still get excited when the weekly email comes showing me the new knives available for purchase, but my biggest thrill is introducing WH knives to my family, friends and associates.  It’s been my pleasure to buy knives for people who (like me 10 years ago) are new to the WH world and watching them catch the fever.  Several have become collectors like myself (seems like I’m due some commission, hint hint).

Now, if I can only figure out a way for Zac Brown and me to get together and compare collections.  Maybe if I offer him a display case……

Tony Huffman, CPA

Madison, Mississippi

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