By Ed Roberts

Boots and Denim. Seeing that William Henry design for the first time changed my entire outlook on men wearing bracelets. More specifically, me wearing a bracelet. I’m not afraid of style that breaks tradition, but traditions run deep here in my neck of the woods.

For years the standard uniform was a polo, khakis, sunglasses, croakie, and a dive watch. Fellas break that tradition during the Brewgaloo Beer Festival where it’s acceptable to wear the plastic wristband provided at the ID checking station. This wristband gives you access to the best craft beers brewed here in the Old North State.

Times are changing. Or maybe I’m just getting older and a bit more daring after losing 75 pounds. Either way, there was something about 10,000-year-old fossilized woolly mammoth tooth, blue sodalite, and carved silver that just looked damn cool to me. It was me, so I bought it.