I am not one to wear jewelry just for the sake of it; I need meaningful symbolism reflecting my very core. The quality and design of William Henry's bracelets are a perfect match for me, and they serve as bold reminders of who I want to be. They also are fully functional meditation aids and stress relievers.

The Lava Sanctum rides at the top of the stack, stating in no uncertain terms who comes first. It is followed by the Sodalite Tether, which wraps around the wrist twice, and is a perfect representation of my soul-tethers to my better half and my son. The Tether is made magnitudes stronger by the Sanctum. The Sodalite Dauntless is the chunkiest piece in the stack, serving as a powerful reminder that this is a warrior's life and armor and weaponry are required. It connects nicely to my viking heritage as well. When I discovered this piece, it was already out of production, but William Henry kindly created one for me regardless. Finally, the Shaman completes the stack at the bottom. Each of the 13 skulls is a family member or close friend I have lost. It also depicts that mortality is a certainty no matter how hard I fight, and really closes the circle with the Sanctum.
- Juan I.

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