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    Zinc-Matrix Kingman Turquoise

    By Matt Conable February 20, 2021
    Zinc-Matrix Kingman Turquoise WH founder Matt Conable speaks about this remarkable material featured in our collections.
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    By Matt Conable February 05, 2021
    Caribe William Henry founder Matt Conable, speaks about our new top-twist pens and writing instruments in general.
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    WH's One-of-a-Kind

    By Matt Conable January 22, 2021
    WH's One-of-a-Kind
    WH founder Matt Conable speaks about our One-of-a-Kind releases. One of a Kind
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    End of Year Message

    By Matt Conable December 20, 2020
    End of Year Message A few words from WH founder Matt Conable
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    The B12 Spearpoint

    By Matt Conable December 11, 2020
    The B12 Spearpoint
    Matt Conable speaks about one of William Henry's most popular and celebrated knife designs. The B12 Spearpoint Knife
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    Fossil Mammoth Tusk

    By Matt Conable December 06, 2020
    Fossil Mammoth Tusk
    WH founder Matt Conable speaks about this extraordinary material. Fossil Woolly Mammoth Tusk
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    The 'Morpheus' pendant.

    By Matt Conable August 21, 2020
    The 'Morpheus' pendant.
    Matt Conable speaks about the origin and design of our popular pendant knife. The Morpheus Pendant
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    The Guitar Pick Pendant

    By Matt Conable August 08, 2020
    The Guitar Pick Pendant Matt Conable speaks about WH's Guitar Pick Pendant
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    The C19 Omni Knife

    By Matt Conable August 02, 2020
    The C19 Omni Knife
    Matt Conable speaks about the design and development of William Henry's mid-lock knife model.
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    Fossil Coral

    By Matt Conable July 25, 2020
    Fossil Coral
    An exceptional material found in abandoned lime pits in the Florida Keys

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