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Studio Stories

It Matters...

By William Henry June 19, 2019

Hi all, I’m just back from a big trade show in Vegas with William Henry.  As exhausting as these big shows are, it’s always good to step outside the bubble and see what we do in the world. 

Left to right: Musician Matt Goss, William Henry Sales Associate Michelle and Matt Conable. While at the JCK event we got to enjoy the Matt Goss Vegas show. And snap a selfie.

As an entrepreneur, designer, trouble-shooter, etc I tend to spend my time and energy dealing with things that don’t work, or could be better, or fires that need immediate attention.  There is ALWAYS a critical issue, always something going sideways, always questions that don’t have a clear answer.  That’s the bubble I referred to above – the complex inner machinations of William Henry (probably of any business) that are never smooth or easy.

But when I get out into the world with William Henry, I am reminded of what this work means to others.  It’s not just pretty, it’s inspiring.  It doesn’t just work, it creates a ceremony where once there was a chore.  So many people truly love what we do and hold their William Henry pieces among their most prized possessions.  That’s just plain cool – beyond the challenges, beyond balance sheets, beyond the myopic focus on what isn’t flowing, is a simple truth that this does work.  William Henry means something, we stand for something, we deliver real intrinsic value that matters to so many. 

May 27th, 2019 issue of People Magazine featuring Laurence Fishburne with a very jazzy bracelet

The latest issue of People magazine has a full page shot of actor Laurence Fishburne wearing his favorite custom William Henry bracelet – we matter to him.  Our ‘customer of the month’ this month owns over 70 WH pieces!  Every week we get messages from around the world, from people who covet and/or cherish their William Henry.  It’s no small thing, and it’s personal.  We put a lot of love into every piece we make, and it’s really nice to feel that love come full circle.

To all of you reading this, and who admire or own William Henry, thank you for finding beauty in what we do, and reminding us of why we do it...


Matt Conable

            aka Matt the knife

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