Luxury pocket knives are an object of beauty and function and can be passed down for generations to come. Taking care of your striking work of art requires the best pocket knife accessories and cleaning supplies. Luxury pocket knives can take years to produce. Extend their longevity, form, and utility with these essential pocket knife accessories.

Sustaining the Legacy of Pocket Knives

In the age of throwaway clothing and accessories, heirloom-quality pieces stand out from the plain and unimaginative pack with their artisan-crafted design and deep nostalgia. While a luxury pocket knife can be for daily use, the proper care and use can extend its life past yours and future generations.

Retain the pocket knife’s original fine details etched and carved into high-quality materials with pocket knife accessories made with the same mastery of craftsmanship. William Henry’s handmade pocket knives may be known for resilience and strength, but a well-built and reliable accessory can exalt your showpiece and protect it from the ravages of time.

Handmade Pocket Knife Accessories

Artisan pocket knives require the proper storage and useful accessories needed to expand their function and shelf-life. Custom or handmade pocket knives are imbued with unique artistry, flawless precision, and years of skill acquired from practice. One-of-a-kind pocket knives should be paired with high-quality accessories, as well.

From the classic pocket knife sheath to the large display cases for grand collections, these essential pocket knife accessories should be displayed and used like the objects of art that they are. Just like the variety in pocket knife styles, there’s a perfect case or lanyard for every pocket knife design, no matter how small or large. 

Pocket Knife Sheath/Case

Pocket knife cases protect the carefully crafted blade, handle, and gemstone details from environmental exposure. Our Sheaths are made of leather, and come in different sizes depending on your pocket knife. All William Henry knives include an appropriately sized sheath. If you need an additional sheath or a replacement, it’s important to purchase the correct sheath size for your knife.

Leather sheaths provide a timeless and natural appeal with their ability to protect a pocket knife while looking stylish. Leather cases provide superior comfort and ease of use. William Henry's sheaths also come with clips that keep your knife in place in your pocket. They also come in different colors. For the best pocket knife cases, check out William Henry’s elegant offerings:

  • Slip-Case ($20): This high-grade leather case fits B06 knives (Ventana line) with the utmost precision.
  • ClipCase ($35): The classic clip case was developed over 20 years ago and continues to provide ultimate durability and style. It’s made out of premium leather and a tempered stainless steel clip. The “WH” logo is embossed on the front. ClipCase sizes include:
    • Mini: fits B04 Pikatti
    • Small: fits B09 Kestrel
    • Medium: fits B05 Monarch, B10 Lancet, B11 Persian
    • Large: fits B12 Spearpoint, B30 GenTac
  • C15Sheath ($40): Designed to fit C15 models only.


Lanyards on a pocket knife can stir up some heated debates, but there’s no denying that a lanyard provides an upgraded utility to the knife. William Henry's lanyards are woven leather strings that tie to the end of a pocket knife. Our lanyards are finished with stainless steel or Sterling silver beads. Lanyards allow the wearer to quickly pull out knives from their slipcase or pocket.

Many pocket knives come with an attached case, pocket clip, or lanyard. Pocket knife enthusiasts can choose from a wide array of colors and styles to match their piece. Some lanyards can even make your pocket knife more visible in low light if lost. Ultimately, lanyards add another layer of design that amps up the aesthetic of your knife.

Display Case

For the serious pocket knife collector, a display case is vital. Instead of storing your collection of pocket knives in a single compartment, each knife deserves to be separated to reduce the risk of scratches and scuffs. Choose from a variety of woods, metals, and designs when it comes to pocket knife display cases.

William Henry’s Collector display case ($500) is crafted from laminated cherry wood and includes brass hinge works, a beveled glass top, and the WH logo etched in the glass. Each display case holds 12 items: 6 each in upper and lower compartments. The glass top allows you to admire your collection with ease. It’s the perfect case for your elegant pocket knives.

Cleaning Accessories

Accessories are only one part of protecting your handmade pocket knife from being anything less than perfect. The key to keeping your pocket knife around for longer is to treat it as an heirloom that it is. Avoid getting it wet or exposing it to chlorine, household cleaning products, or other corrosive substances. Use the following pocket knife accessories for cleaning:

  • A lint-free microfiber cloth lets you quickly clean up fingerprints, sweat, air pollutants, dirt, and other debris on the knife. Microfiber cloths enable you to avoid scratching your knife when cleaning.
  • Some pocket knives require a dab of lubricant on the pivot and blade. Make sure to purchase lubricant specifically designed for use with folding knives.
  • While we have no news of William Henry's screws ever needing this treatment, some knife owners use Loctite, a thread-locking fluid used to keep screws and bolts in place.

Pocket Knife Accessory Care

Just like our pocket knives, pocket knife accessories also require the proper care to extend its utility and allure. Natural materials like wood and leather require special care to prevent early degradation. Avoid getting these materials wet or using chemicals that can damage or discolor them. Leather accessories can loosen or stretch with age and change color due to contact with oils in the skin. Proper leather and wood care can keep your pocket knife looking great, as well.

What About a Knife Sharpener?

Should you purchase a knife sharpener? Only seasoned professionals are recommended to sharpen their own knives, especially ones that have been hand-forged by master metalsmiths. William Henry knives, in particular, are recommended to be sharpened every 18 to 24 months. Designers like William Henry can provide the best sharpening results due to their experience layering, forging, and creating these patterns by hand.
William Henry will periodically sharpen your knife for just $10 (the cost of shipping it back to you). Just compile the appropriate form here, ship it to us, and we'll get it done for you.

Luxury pocket knives like William Henry’s deserve the best pocket knife accessories that also look good. Keeping your pocket knife safe and protected is crucial to keeping it looking like new. Handmade accessories can especially provide an elevated look to your sharp tool. In many cases, accessories act as the impeccable frame to the mesmerizing centerpiece.