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Red Flash

Edition of 250 pieces -
The Spearpoint ‘Red Flash' features a frame in aerospace-grade titanium, inlaid with 'Red Burl' Dichrolam®. The blade is 'Wave' damascus with VG-10 core; the...
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The Spearpoint ‘Red Flash' features a frame in aerospace-grade titanium, inlaid with 'Red Burl' Dichrolam®. The blade is 'Wave' damascus with VG-10 core; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with Kashmir blue gemstones.
A remarkable design that gives you an instrument with a full-size secure grip, and a versatile deep-belly blade, the Spearpoint epitomizes William Henry’s core philosophy – that superlative function deserves to be elevated to superlative art.
The ‘Red Flash' features some of the most exotic materials, artistry and forged metals that are the hallmark of William Henry's collections; a timeless heirloom to be proudly worn and used for a lifetime before being handed-down to another generation.

Features & Specs

  • One-hand button lock system
  • Leather carrying case
  • Shipped in an elegant wood presentation box
  • Dimensions: 
  • Blade 3.06" (77.7mm)
    Handle 4.13" (104.9.5mm)
    Overall open 7.19" (182.6mm)

Materials & Artistry


Titanium is a low density, strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant (including sea water, aqua regia and chlorine) metal with a silver color.
It was discovered in Great Britain by William Gregor in 1791, and named by Martin Heinrich Klaproth for the Titans of Greek mythology

William Henry uses only aerospace-grade titanium alloy for our frames, clips, and micro-fasteners. Called 6Al/4V, it is titanium with a little aluminum and vanadium added in for additional toughness and tensile strength.

Wave Damascus

Wave Damascus

William Henry's patent-pending Wave Damascus features a core in ZDP-189 (HRC 67) or VG-10 (cryo-tempered to a hardness of HRC 61) for superior sharpness and edge retention over time. The core of the blade is clad with alternating layers of stainless steel and nickel silver. The billet, 45 layers in all, is patterned with a custom die to create the undulating waves that emerge across the bevels of the blade. This material can be dark-etched for contrast, or etched and re-polished for a more subtle pattern.

Kashmir Blue Topaz

Kashmir Blue Topaz

Topaz is a rare, extremely hard gemstone with an exceptionally wide color range that, besides brown, includes various tones and saturations of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple.
The ancient Greeks believed that topaz gave them strength. In Europe during the Renaissance (the period from the 1300s to the 1600s) people thought that topaz could break magic spells and dispel anger. For centuries, many people in India have believed that topaz worn above the heart assures long life, beauty, and intelligence.

Today, topaz is one of the US birthstones for November, while blue topaz is a birthstone for December



Dichrolam® is the brainchild of furniture designer turned chemist, John Blazy, who spent twenty years of R&D to transform hand patterned dichroic films and hard resins into a durable composite that is actually more vibrant and colorful than the Abalone and Opal - but does not have the price, size and fabrication limitations.

The optical core is HIGHLY color saturated and manually patterned to look like Carpathian Elm Burl wed to Australian Black Opal. The patterning techniques took many years of experimentation to bring out the vibrant colors and the 3D swirling burl texture - while the interlaminar adhesion chemistry was equally as difficult. 

These core layers are not metal, but reflect color due to thin film physics called dichroism, which appear like metal, but change colors at different angles of view.  The clear resin then “lenses” this optical core to amplify its visual dynamics.