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Knife cases

William Henry’s rugged and exotic pocket knives deserve a snug and soft knife case to protect their sublime structure and integrity. Each knife case is made of durable and flexible high-grade leather inside and out. Our inspired synthesis of quality materials combines sophistication, resilience, and natural textures.

Premium and traditional natural elements fuse with sleek metals in a seamless and dapper fashion to create a home for our high-end handcrafted pieces. William Henry knife sheaths are simple, adept, and exquisite accessories that elevate our contemporary and heirloom-quality collections.

Each luxury knife sheath protects and secures the blade on any adventure while maintaining an impeccable and refined form. William Henry knife cases have the "WH" logo embossed on the front and on the integrated stainless steel pocket clip. Exemplary design meets warm and authentic materials in all William Henry knife cases.