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Music 2 Style Map

Finding the perfect way to express yourself can sometimes be difficult. While you want to be able to match style with comfort, it seems like trends are always changing. However, identifying with a particular culture is a fun and easy way to build up your wardrobe to show off who you truly are. Some of the key styles that you can see in every city in America include:

  • Rock – Casual boots, motorcycle jacket, concert T-shirt
  • Indie – Skinny jeans, sneakers, sunglasses
  • Hip-Hop – Hi-top sneakers, baggy pants, hat
  • Country – Plaid shirt, boot cut jeans, cowboy boots

Piecing together the classic elements of these styles is a great way to show people who you are and what you are interested in. Especially if you prefer to listen to a certain genre of music, dressing in your favorite style allows you to feel freer everyday and not restricted by a certain type of dress. Start gathering together the pieces that will transform your style today.

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