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Ice Age

Beaded bracelet with Sterling silver, fossil Mammoth tooth and black onyx

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History comes to life in this beautiful bracelet. The 'Ice Age' features three matching beads crafted from 10,000 year-old woolly mammoth tooth, found on the seafloor and brought to the light after thousands of years. Each tooth is unique, so no two beads will ever have the same pattern. Mammoth beads are flanked by sterling silver accents, and the clasp is also sculpted sterling. Frosted black onyx beads create the backdrop for this remarkable story. A statement piece on its own, or perfect to layer with other pieces.

Product SKU: BB7 MT BR

Features & Specs

Bead sizes:

Mammoth tooth -12mm

Mammoth tooth -9.4x14.0mm oval

Onyx -10mm