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Why Every Man Should Carry a Knife

Carrying a knife has been a time-honored tradition for men throughout history. The Romans' invention of the folding pocket knife was a significant technological innovation in its day, making a knife safer to carry and easier to conceal. This invention also emphasized its evolving role as a practical tool, rather than just a weapon. The knife was also the only dining tool until the 16th Century, when forks were first introduced in Italy. The pocket knife has also been an essential piece of equipment for soldiers and sailors for centuries. A military knife is often passed down from father to son as a family heirloom and a remembrance of historical events. A decorated and precious knife is a fundamental part of the full uniform of nobility across the world.

Even today, a knife remains an essential tool for everyday life. It is useful for many tasks such as opening boxes and cutting rope or string. The simple folding blade design has evolved over time into several popular styles from the simple jack knife to the Swiss Army knife. Whether it is simply a utilitarian tool or a premium artisan blade made by a master craftsman, a knife has a place in every man's pocket. Please see the infographic below for information about the knife throughout history.

Why Every Man Should Carry a Knife

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