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  1. Studio Stories

    Zinc-Matrix Kingman Turquoise

    By Matt Conable February 20, 2021
    Zinc-Matrix Kingman Turquoise WH founder Matt Conable speaks about this remarkable material featured in our collections.
  2. Studio Stories


    By Matt Conable February 05, 2021
    Caribe William Henry founder Matt Conable, speaks about our new top-twist pens and writing instruments in general.
  3. Studio Stories

    WH Blades

    By Matt Conable May 10, 2020
    WH Blades
    Matt Conable speaks about the polish and grind of William Henry's blades. WH founder Matt Conable speaks about the polish and grind of our blades.
  4. Articles

    Redefining Masculinity with Luxury Jewelry and Pocket Knives

    By William Henry March 24, 2020
    Redefining Masculinity with Luxury Jewelry and Pocket Knives
    Being a hero isn’t a quality you’re born with. It’s something you acquire over the years and decades of experience building relationships and developing a legacy. Every person undergoes a period of growth, renewal, and evolution that will eventually lead to heroic achievements.  In today’s ever-changing world, the archetype for the heroic and fearless man is being subverted by a...
  5. Material of the Month

    Material of the Month | Meteorite

    By William Henry March 18, 2020
    Material of the Month | Meteorite William Henry founder Matt Conable explains Meteorite Click HERE to see Meteorite in our collections
  6. Uncategorized & Studio Stories

    Where It's Built

    By Matt Conable January 27, 2020
    Where It's Built
    Does it matter, really?  The world keeps getting smaller, and great work is great work, wherever its origin.  William Henry is a US company (not just designed in the US, designed and built in the US) but we’ve never draped ourselves in the Stars and Stripes.  Here’s why... From the beginning, I wanted to build the best stuff I could...
  7. Studio Stories


    By Matt Conable October 05, 2019
    For a long time, I’ve called WH the anti-commodity brand.  Maybe there is a better way to say it, but indulge me for a moment while I elaborate... William Henry Founder Matt Conable In the case of most branded goods out there, from Rolex to Gucci to Apple and beyond, a piece is designed and then the production system is set up to exactly replicate that piece every time.  They are precise and identical.  Nothing against these and other fine brands, they do great work.  So do we, but our approach is vastly different.  We design a product, and then choose techniques and materials to ensure that every piece is not identical, but in fact substantially different from the next.  Even within a limited edition, number 11 of 25 is going to be different from number 12 of 25 and so on.  The rare organic materials we use, the hand forged metals, and the individual hand craft we bring to each step means that no two are alike.  They’re damn fine, but not the same.  Hence the ‘anti-commodity’ moniker.  With most brands, your bag or garment or watch is identical to everyone else who owns the same piece.  With WH, your piece is the ONLY one like it in the world.  Continue reading →
  8. Studio Stories

    In service...

    By Matt Conable August 29, 2019
    In service...
    The Beatles got it right – ‘and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make’.  More than anything else we might accomplish, our legacy is tied to how we treat others.  The difference we make is best measured by the love we create and leave behind.  What does this have to do with William...
  9. Studio Stories

    WH's One-of-a-Kind

    By Matt Conable January 22, 2021
    WH's One-of-a-Kind
    WH founder Matt Conable speaks about our One-of-a-Kind releases. One of a Kind
  10. Studio Stories

    End of Year Message

    By Matt Conable December 20, 2020
    End of Year Message A few words from WH founder Matt Conable

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