July 2019 Journal

William Henry has a simple mission – imagine the best stuff we possibly can, figure out how to make it, and challenge ourselves to keep getting better.  The rest tends to sort itself out if we keep our eye on the ball...

So how do we do that?  We go wherever we have to go in the world to get the best craftsmanship, source the finest materials, and deliver enduring value one piece at a time.  A lot of that ‘best in the world’ work happens right in our studio in Oregon – but if someone else can do something better than us, I’ll happily sign up.  While we’re proud of our American heritage and studio, we don’t drape ourselves in the flag – seems disingenuous and misses the point.  I’d rather drape WH with an image of the planet than any one flag.  I’m proud of what we do, and who we work with to achieve our goals.