July 2019 Journal

William Henry has a simple mission – imagine the best stuff we possibly can, figure out how to make it, and challenge ourselves to keep getting better.  The rest tends to sort itself out if we keep our eye on the ball...

So how do we do that?  We go wherever we have to go in the world to get the best craftsmanship, source the finest materials, and deliver enduring value one piece at a time.  A lot of that ‘best in the world’ work happens right in our studio in Oregon – but if someone else can do something better than us, I’ll happily sign up.  While we’re proud of our American heritage and studio, we don’t drape ourselves in the flag – seems disingenuous and misses the point.  I’d rather drape WH with an image of the planet than any one flag.  I’m proud of what we do, and who we work with to achieve our goals.

Some pieces are 100% made in our studio, others are 100% made in the USA, and still others are made using other artisans and skill sets from around the world.  India, Indonesia, Japan, China, various countries in Europe, New Zealand, Mexico, Taiwan, and other countries all house masters of techniques that we cannot replicate at any price – so I humbly show up at their doorsteps with my designs, my ideas, my parts, and my intention to build the finest stuff I can imagine.  And they deliver durable beauty, across a wide spectrum of artistry, style, and craftsmanship that is a rare commodity these days.

Wherever the best work is being done, at the best value, that’s where I want to be.  If I find an embellishing style that could work on a WH product, I go to that artisan or shop and ask them to bring their very best to my canvas, be that a knife, pen, money clip, bracelet, or other piece.

Some companies wear a flag, some falsely claim authorship or origin, some are locked into a specific definition that they believe in.  That’s fine, no judgment here.  I grew up all over the world, a global citizen, and I see William Henry as an equally global citizen, making the connections that tie us all together as one species with a shared history and destiny on this planet...


Matt Conable

Current resident of USA

Former resident of Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Korea

Visitor to over 40 countries, humble citizen of this remarkable world

Matt and family, India circa 1990