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    Walking with the Ancients: What it Means to Work with Prehistoric Bone

    By William Henry December 05, 2019
    For millennia, humans walked among prehistoric woolly mammoths in their grassland homelands. These majestic and gargantuan creatures inspired fear, curiosity, and reverence in intrepid hunters and gatherers who bore witness to these massive animals. Ancient depictions of woolly mammoths on etched bone and caves paintings ages ago highlight humanity's innate need for expression, individuality, and creativity. Woolly mammoths, especially, became...
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    Knives as Art: Craftsmanship and Style

    By William Henry November 06, 2019
    Knives as Art: Craftsmanship and Style
    From functional and life-sustaining tools to emblems of strength and style, handcrafted knives have become the quintessential instrument for the modern-day warrior. Behind a luxury knife’s razor-sharp utility and flawless aesthetic lies an enduring tradition of hand-engravers, silversmiths, and other highly-skilled artisans keeping the craft alive.  The advent of laser and machine engraving increased access to these sharp cutting devices...
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    10 Exotic Jewelry Materials You Never Knew Existed

    By William Henry November 04, 2019
    Innovative and striking jewelry pieces can confer a sense of wonder and adventure to any individual. From hand-forged metals to exotic woods, jewelry materials can transcend style, elegance, and artistry. Only an exclusive cadre of artisans take painstaking efforts to source the finest and rarest materials in the world. Whether you’re drawn to organic materials or tough metals, there is...

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