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Q & A with Matt

Ask Matt

By William Henry July 15, 2019

Have a question about the William Henry multiverse? Email and Matt will choose a couple to answer in this monthly forum...

Question:  Where do you get your amazing materials?

Everywhere.  Literally.  I’ve been at this for 30 years now, and WH has been around for 22 and counting.  During all that time, I and the staff at WH have searched out rare and storied materials and where to find them.  We’ve built relationships with some of the best metal forgers, engravers, silver smiths, gold smiths and other artisans in the world. We’ve found the individuals who find fossil materials, the finest shells, the best premium natural woods, and the most exotic state of the art alloys and polymers.  It’s a global supply chain of mostly very small shops and businesses that we’ve cultivated to be able to make the coolest stuff we can imagine, one piece at a time, one day at a time.

Wooly Mammoth, just one of the unique material we use to create our
one-of-a-kind products

Question:  Are your blades engraved?

Never.  After all these years, some people still look at our forged damascus steel blades and think the patterns are ‘engraved’ on the blades. 

They’re not and never have been – what you see is the grain of three different alloys of steel that have been forged into a single, supple billet of material that we use to craft our blades.  After grinding and polishing each blade, we use acid, heat and selective polishing to reveal the different alloys and the pattern embedded in the blade as a result of the original forging process.  Because every piece is forged by hand and ground and polished by hand, no two blades will ever reveal exactly the same pattern.  Each WH damascus blade is a fingerprint of the artisans that put their very best into creating the finished piece.

*We do use an engraving system to MARK each blade with our logo...