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    FEATURED William Henry CUSTOMER: Juan

    By William Henry August 27, 2019

    I am not one to wear jewelry just for the sake of it; I need meaningful symbolism reflecting my very core. The quality and design of William Henry's bracelets are a perfect match for me, and they serve as bold reminders of who I want to be. They also are fully functional meditation aids and stress relievers.

    The Lava Sanctum rides at the top of the stack, stating in no uncertain terms who comes first. It is followed by the Sodalite Tether, which wraps around the wrist twice, and is a perfect representation of my soul-tethers to my better half and my son. The Tether is made magnitudes stronger by the Sanctum. The Sodalite Dauntless is the chunkiest piece in the stack, serving as a powerful reminder that this is a warrior's life and armor and weaponry are required. It connects nicely to my viking heritage as well. When I discovered this piece, it was already out of production, but William Henry kindly created one for me regardless. Finally, the Shaman completes the stack at the bottom. Each of the 13 skulls is a family member or close friend I have lost. It also depicts that mortality is a certainty no matter how hard I fight, and really closes the circle with the Sanctum.
    - Juan I.

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  • Material of the Month

    Material of the Month : Dinosaur Bone

    By William Henry August 26, 2019


  • Premier Dealers

    Premier William Henry Dealer: Renee Taylor Gallery

    By Renee Taylor August 24, 2019

    “Hey everyone, we’re super excited to tell you about some knives we are going to be carrying”

    • Summer of 2017

    I still laugh thinking about the reaction with our staff during that meeting.  They had no idea what I was talking about or what in the world was waiting for them.  Over the past 20 years, we have built up a pretty diverse collection of artists and jewelers who all bring something different to the table.  If you had told me sometime in the prior 18 years that I would somehow end up becoming addicted to collecting knives, I would have looked at you as strangely as the rest of the staff that day.

    In short order, most of them owned at least one knife for themselves as well.  Once in a great while, you come across something so unique, so well made, and so dang cool that you can’t help but fall in love with it

    Renee Taylor Gallery Sedona, Arizona

    And then we went through the same process with the writing instruments, the money clips, and then the jewelry.  All of it has such a broad range of materials and techniques that you can’t help but start up a conversation with complete strangers while holding it.  Whether around a camp fire, signing a piece of paperwork, or pulling out your credit card and cash to buy something, people stop and ask what you have in your hand more than you would think.

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  • Q & A with Matt

    Ask Matt

    By William Henry August 14, 2019

    Have a question about the William Henry multiverse? Email and Matt will choose a couple to answer in this monthly forum...

    Question:  Where do you make your products?

    We design and build virtually every WH piece, across all categories, in our studio in Oregon.  We have three separate shops – one for knives and money clips, one for pens, and one for jewelry.  While we work with outside partners on specific processes and techniques, in the end every piece is built and finished in the studio.  In some cases, we make every single part, 100% internal.  In other cases, we source certain parts to our design, with our materials, and add the handwork and fine craft that elevates each finished piece.  Each WH piece has a minimum of 50, and up to 500, separate hand-craft steps that we execute in the studio.  It takes a village, and the angels are in the details...

    Question:  What is your favorite material?

    That’s a moving target.  I love the PROCESS of designing cool stuff and seeing that manifest thru a lot of hard work and dedication in our system.  So I love the PROCESS of finding that next crazy cool material and figuring out if we can work with it, how we work with it, and how to finish it to capture the imagination.

    I love hand-forged metals, where no two pieces are ever the same.  I love organic materials, current or fossil, that reveal the majesty of nature in unique pattern and color.  The basics, like titanium and carbon fiber, are great as well but they are more predictable and hence a little less alluring.  Great for performance and durability, but closer to a commodity.  I love the stuff that is anti-commodity, that tells a distinct story, that separates us from other brands and gives our customers the chance to create their own truly personal style.  Favorite material?  With all we have found and continue to explore at WH, it changes every day...


  • #MeetWilliamHenry

    #MeetWilliamHenry: Tom

    By William Henry July 29, 2019

    Tom Perritt has been with the William Henry family for about 5 and a half years. He does the final assembly on all of the knives and helps with customer repairs and inventory control for knife parts. He is also currently experimenting with a new finish on some of our titanium handles. Tom runs 3 miles every day and is an avid hunter. He also enjoys fishing, hiking, target shooting, and to travel to far away exotic places. One of his favorite trips was to the interior of Mozambique which he describes as like going back in time 150 years. The Girl in the Spider’s Web was the last movie he saw and his favorite food is elk back strap. Good thing Tom is a hunter! 


  • Studio Stories

    One World...

    By Matt Conable July 17, 2019

    July 2019 Journal

    William Henry has a simple mission – imagine the best stuff
    we possibly can, figure out how to make it, and challenge ourselves to keep
    getting better.  The rest tends to sort
    itself out if we keep our eye on the ball...

    So how do we do that?  We go wherever we have to go in the world to get the best craftsmanship, source the finest materials, and deliver enduring value one piece at a time.  A lot of that ‘best in the world’ work happens right in our studio in Oregon – but if someone else can do something better than us, I’ll happily sign up.  While we’re proud of our American heritage and studio, we don’t drape ourselves in the flag – seems disingenuous and misses the point.  I’d rather drape WH with an image of the planet than any one flag.  I’m proud of what we do, and who we work with to achieve our goals.

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  • Material of the Month

    Material of the Month : Maple Burl

    By William Henry July 15, 2019


  • William Henry Fans

    FEATURED William Henry CUSTOMER : Ed Roberts

    By William Henry July 15, 2019


    Ed Roberts

    and Denim. Seeing that William Henry design for the first time changed my entire
    outlook on men wearing bracelets. More specifically, me wearing a
    bracelet. I’m not afraid of style that breaks tradition, but traditions run
    deep here in my neck of the woods.

    For years the standard uniform was a polo, khakis, sunglasses, croakie, and a dive watch. Fellas break that tradition during the Brewgaloo Beer Festival where it’s acceptable to wear the plastic wristband provided at the ID checking station. This wristband gives you access to the best craft beers brewed here in the Old North State.

    Times are changing. Or maybe I’m just getting older and a bit more daring after losing 75 pounds. Either way, there was something about 10,000-year-old fossilized woolly mammoth tooth, blue sodalite, and carved silver that just looked damn cool to me. It was me, so I bought it.

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  • Q & A with Matt

    Ask Matt

    By William Henry July 15, 2019

    Have a question about the William Henry multiverse? Email and Matt will choose a couple to answer in this monthly forum...

    Question:  Where do you get your amazing materials?

    Everywhere.  Literally.  I’ve been at this for 30 years now, and WH has been around for 22 and counting.  During all that time, I and the staff at WH have searched out rare and storied materials and where to find them.  We’ve built relationships with some of the best metal forgers, engravers, silver smiths, gold smiths and other artisans in the world. We’ve found the individuals who find fossil materials, the finest shells, the best premium natural woods, and the most exotic state of the art alloys and polymers.  It’s a global supply chain of mostly very small shops and businesses that we’ve cultivated to be able to make the coolest stuff we can imagine, one piece at a time, one day at a time.

    Wooly Mammoth, just one of the unique material we use to create our
    one-of-a-kind products

    Question:  Are your blades engraved?

    Never.  After all these years, some people still look at our forged damascus steel blades and think the patterns are ‘engraved’ on the blades. 

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