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  • Material of the Month

    Material of the Month | Damascus Steel

    By William Henry March 11, 2020
    William Henry founder Matt Conable explains hand-forged damascus steel.


  • Material of the Month

    Material of the Month | Mother of Pearl

    By William Henry January 27, 2020


  • Material of the Month

    Material of the Month: Titanium

    By William Henry September 24, 2019


  • Q & A with Matt

    Ask Matt

    By Matt Conable September 23, 2019

    Have a question about the William Henry multiverse? Email and Matt will choose a couple to answer in this monthly forum...

    Question:  Do you use any ivory material?

    Nope.  OK, a little more info.  We’ve never used new ivory in any form – I NEVER wanted to be part of an industry that has such awful stories connected to it.  In the past, we used fossil ivories – these were fossil pieces from wooly mammoth, mastodon, and walrus ivory that ranged from 6000-10000 years old.  They were amazing materials, gorgeously imbued with colors from minerals leeching into them over thousands of years under snow or under water.  But over the last 10 years, state after state has passed laws prohibiting the use or sale of ANY ivory product regardless of history, origin, etc.  Some states still allow fossil ivories like we once used, but it just looked too complicated to play a state by state game.  Do I agree with the laws?  Doesn’t matter, they are what they are.  So we discontinued all fossil ivories, and the pieces we did make back in the day immediately shot up in collectability and value.  Got one?  Lucky you.  Didn’t get one?  No worries, we’re always finding amazing new storied materials to use at William Henry, so keep your eyes out for our next offering...

    Question:  Who uses their WH and what for?

    This question is mostly about our knives.  No one is afraid to use our beautiful writing instruments, or load their money clip, or stack up their favorite WH jewelry and walk out the door.  But often people think of knives only as tools, and imagine that our knives, elevated to art, are somehow not for using.  WRONG. 

    When I started out, I designed knives I loved, then figured out how to make them to a standard that stood among the finest tools in the world.  I knew if I made a great tool first, then I could adorn that tool while maintaining the foundational credibility of performance.  WH delivers that performance across the board.  And for many, that performance is appreciated at least as much as the art.  People use WH knives for daily tasks like opening boxes, letter, peeling fruit, etc.  People use WH knives in the line of duty, in law enforcement, the military, and first responders.  People use WH knives in their pursuit of outdoor sports from hunting and fishing to trekking and climbing.  People use WH to help them move thru and shape the world they occupy.  And I’m proud that they do.


  • William Henry Fans

    FEATURED William Henry CUSTOMER: Jim Atkinson

    By William Henry September 21, 2019

    The Tradition Continues...

    About 5 years ago, we lost my step-dad, Jim Shamblin, after a long battle with Post-Polio Syndrome.  Luckily for me, Jim and I developed a special bond over the years that I will always treasure, and he sealed it with his beloved collection of William Henry knives.

    Jim Shamblin was a “man’s man” and had the kind of life you only read about in adventure novels.  As a teenager, he joined the Merchant Marine during WWII, and was the sole survivor when the tanker he was serving on was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine off the coast of India.  After floating on a drum for a week, Jim was rescued by another US tanker.

    Jim and his stellar knife collection

    Jim ended up joining the Army and served in post-war Germany, and eventually in Vietnam, where he survived a helicopter crash.  He became an engineer and worked on projects for the Department of Defense, NASA, the US Air Force, as well as international companies and foreign governments. And, in his retirement, Jim wrote 6 novels, largely autobiographical, about some of the amazing episodes in his life.

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  • Premier Dealers

    Premier William Henry Dealer: Shannon Jewelers

    By William Henry September 18, 2019
    Debbie and Claude of Shannon Jewelers

    Shannon Jewelers in Spring, Texas has been carrying William Henry for a little over 6 months and they already have many great stories to share. One of our favorites is: "We have a long time customer here at Shannon's who has purchased many items of jewelry for his wife.  But the only items he has liked in the past have been the high-end watches.  As soon as we brought the WH line into the store, he was hooked!  He loves them so much that he follows the line, watches for any new knives to come in, AND the couple accompanied us to Las Vegas for the JCK show and shopped the William Henry case while we were there.  His wife is SO thankful that she finally has something other than high-end watches to give as gifts to her husband.  She said he's running out of wrists but he always has room for fancy knives!"

    Thanks for sharing Shannon Jewelers!

    Visit Shannon Jewelers in Spring, Texas or online at

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