Surviving Valentine's Day

By using rare and exotic materials and techniques, William Henry is a men's brand that is well-versed in creating a unique experience through our folding knives, jewelry, and money clips. For the good of men everywhere, we thought our expertise should be shared to prepare you for the day most men blunder through: Valentine's Day. Below is a helpful guide to reaching both the heart of the evening and the heart of your lady. 

Surviving Valentine's Day Infographic


William Henry is an American company that creates hand-crafted, hand-forged, and unique heirlooms. Our current collection includes folding knives, jewelry, money clips, cufflinks, and pens, each crafted to be more than simple objects, but timeless keepsakes.

Exotic materials, precious metals, and gemstones give every William Henry piece its hallmark impression, and each piece carries the feeling of painstaking craftsmanship and hard-earned quality. Often, pieces are extremely limited in their quantity, sometimes to just one. We aim to underscore your legacy. We invite you to browse our collection and discover something extraordinary.