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Step Up Your Arm Candy Game for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not only a chance to impress the “one,” but also to look your best. There’s a lot to think about for a guy. Set a place and time, make reservations, and don’t forget the flowers! Looking great is another consideration. Your attire and even men’s designer jewelry say a lot about you on this special day.

Top Fashion Looks for Men this Valentine’s Day

Step up your everyday look with subtle details. She’ll notice every last detail. Here are a few considerations as you put your perfect Valentine’s Day outfit together. 

  • The basics: Dark denim jeans and navy blazers are in style, but add a scarf or impactful tie to dress the part.
  • Elegance: A standard shirt and tie will make you blend in, so try a turtleneck to stand out.
  • Tone it down: Trousers and a button-down look casual for an outing with a long-time friend.
  • Casual: Take a pair of jeans and casual basics and mix with some tailored attire, such as a waistcoat.
  • Work clothes: A clean work outfit looks spiffy during a Valentine’s Day date.

If you’re perplexed as to what to wear, think about the setting you and your date may end up in. What looks great for a day out or a movie may seem underdressed for an upscale restaurant— men’s top looks for Valentine’s Day depend on where you’re going. With the scenario in mind, you can start to pick out your outfit.

- Dinner at Night

Dress to impress when going out to a 5-star restaurant. While a suit may not be the most appropriate attire, an ordinary collar shirt may understate things. Try something with an elevated level of style and sharpness. A white button-down collar shirt with black trousers and a stylish jacket will do.

- To the Movies

There’s no doubt you want to be stylish. Yet, looking relaxed is more appropriate if you’re sitting in a cinema for a couple of hours. Chinos, a shirt, and a bomber jacket will leave you looking in style yet ready to sit down for a movie.

- A Day Date

If you both opted out of evening activities, a day out can be fun, yet a challenge to look impressive. A tailored jacket is a must. A tailored jacket is a must. Comfort and style come together for a sharp, layered look.

- Going Somewhere?

Feeling extra generous and taking your partner away for a couple of days? Now you have to think about the best traveling outfit—and one that’s comfortable and warm. Jeans, chinos, a blazer, and dress shoes are imperative. Most of the time, you don’t want to seem overdressed. In short, you want to think through multiple scenarios ahead of time.

Wrist Jewelry Inspiration

Men often obsess about blazers, jackets, pants, and shoes. However, there’s more to impressing a Valentine’s Day date. Wrist jewelry is something to think about. From unique men’s bracelets to classy cufflinks, there are many options. William Henry offers lots of choices, so you can mix and match wrist jewelry with your impressive outfit. 

Our sterling silver bracelets feature various designs and materials. If you are trying to complement an outfit you’ve been pondering for weeks, here are some options to help eliminate the guesswork. William Henry offers everything from 18K gold to sardonyx, lava rock, and fossil dinosaur bone. 

Hand-Forged Damascus 

William henry braided leather bracelet

  • Jupiter

-       Hand-forged Damascus steel fittings, over braided leather

-       Alternating steel alloys

-       Bead and bolt action clasp (Damascus inlaid with red topaz gemstone)

18K Gold 

  • Ovation

-       18K rose gold

-       Blue sapphire accents

-       Green dinosaur bone inlay

  • Symphony

-       Sculpted sterling silver

-       Dinosaur bone inlay with natural red color

-       Solid 18K yellow gold

-       Piston clasp 

Fossil Woolly Mammoth ToothWilliam Henry fossil woolly mammoth tooth bracelet

  • Aleksius

-       Sterling silver links

-       Stainless steel button lock clasp

-       Diamond

  • Boots and Denim

-       Woolly mammoth molar tooth polished beads

-       Sterling silver and soladite accent beads

-       Sterling silver clasp


  • Mammoth Retro

-       Sterling silver

-       Inlaid fossil woolly mammoth tooth

-       Sapphire gemstone

  • Rook

-       Mammoth tooth found on the seafloor, dried for two years before cut and hand in-laid

-       Piston clasp inlaid with citrine gemstone

The Squire, Mammoth Quest, Pace, and Tempo round out the selections in our mammoth tooth bracelets selection. If fossilized materials works with your style, here are some other choices:

Fossil Coral

  • Orca – Sterling silver links carefully sculpted and inlaid with 100,000-year-old fossil coral from the Florida Keys, with a stainless steel/blue sapphire button lock clasp. 
  • Andros – Brain coral beads in a delicate pattern, with sterling silver, on a sterling chain and clasp assembly. 

Fossil Dinosaur Bone

We have numerous men’s fashion bracelets featuring dinosaur bone, and materials such as onyx, diamond, smoky quartz, and 18K gold, including: 

  • Magma
  • Dino Zenith
  • Gentis
  • Dragon Fire
  • Grandis
  • Dino Retro
  • Bishop
  • Yucatan
  • Dino Quest
  • Serenity

… and many others.

Mokume Gane

The Venus is a braided leather bracelet that also features citrine, forged and twisted from copper, nickel silver, and brass. Originating in Japan to decorate Samurai swords, the technique yields a simple, yet elegant, bracelet design.

william henry braided leather bracelet with mokume gane

African Turquoise

Our African turquoise bead bracelets are available as the Verdigris, with matte finished beads featuring a brain coral pattern, and the Nassau, with its frosted onyx accents and beads sculpted to represent sea urchins.

Black Onyx

William Henry offers many different black onyx bracelets for men. They include the Shaman bead bracelet, with sterling silver skulls; the Ice Age, with fossil mammoth tooth; and Gentis, Dragon Fire, and Yucatan, with fossil dinosaur bone. These consist of numerous uniquely designed and colored bracelets sure to impress on Valentine’s Day.

Carbon Fiber

Our carbon fiber bracelet selections, along with sterling silver, include: 

  • Carbon Retro
  • Carbon Quest
  • Athos
  • Carbon Pace
  • Noir
  • Carbon Tempo

 Lava Rock

Incorporating sterling silver, soladite, amber, and other materials, depending on the piece, our lava rock bracelets include the Lava Summit, Lava Zenith, Lava Sanctum, and Sodalite Tether. The Amber Tether features a colorful contrast of dark lava beads, Baltic amber, and sterling accents.

William henry sterling silver baltic amber lava bracelet

The William Henry bracelet collection also offers several sodalite-inspired designs with colorful beads, sterling silver, natural materials like lava, and durable cords. The Dragon Fire has a natural earth-toned tiger’s eye, onyx, dinosaur bone, and sterling silver bracelet that can accessorize any outfit. Yet these bracelets aren’t all we have to offer, as our collection of classy and fancy cufflinks provides options to spruce up your look.

Each cufflink is unique in its own right, in terms of material, design, and feel. These are the options currently available this Valentine’s Day:

  • CL5-1 Skull – Sterling silver with sculpted surgical stainless steel.
  • CL1-3 Pearl – Features mother of pearl inlays.
  • CL5-4 Red Topaz – Topaz inserts make for gleaming red eyes.
  • CL5-5 White Topaz – Skulls with impactful translucent eyes.
  • CL1-1 Mokume – Silver rim with intricate mokume gane inlay.
  • CL2-2 Dino – Fossil dinosaur inlay.
  • CL5-6 Black Diamond – Inset black diamond eyes.
William henry sterling silver skull cuff links

Tips for Finding the One This Valentine’s Day

If you haven’t yet found your Valentine’s Day date, don’t panic. Shopping for top men’s jewelry can help impress someone, but there’s much more to it. First of all, don’t delay your search; be as confident as you can be and forget about being perfect. Try to smile and be open-minded.

Regardless of your state of readiness, you can try the following strategies to find that special person in your life:

  • Join an online dating website and set up a meeting before the big day. Just make sure it’s in a safe public place so your potential partner is comfortable.
  • Ask friends if they have single acquaintances; a blind date may make both of you anxious, but at least there will be something to talk about.
  • Sign up for a class; a skill or topic you want to learn may be a common interest with a potential future partner.
  • Look for after-hours events at museums and galleries; the culture offers a more conducive environment than a pub full of unavailable people.
  • Volunteer for a local charity where others may as passionate about the cause or looking in the same way as you for that special someone.

Other activities you can try include dance classes, dining clubs, and gym memberships. While men’s designer jewelry looks attractive, you can wow people of interest with your humor, love for traveling, and your interest in them. Don’t try to flatter someone too much, but offer honest, heartfelt compliments.

There are lots of rules-based informational pieces about dating. It’s easy to lose yourself in trying to play the part. You don’t want to go overboard, but try letting your guard down and being yourself. Break the rules and act a little eccentric, or describe something embarrassing that happened to you—anything that lets you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t forget about wining and dining. However, you can perk yourself up and offer your partner a happy and fun time. Show tickets, fun meals, and thoughtful gifts can set you up for a great Valentine’s Day this year.

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