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Spice Up Your Grungy Fall Style with William Henry's Luxury Accessories

Wisdom that holds up through the ages states that you should dress for the job you want, not the job that you have. As you grow older and wiser, you’ll find that the ancient expression holds true as you begin to transition from college into adulthood. Along the way, you’ll develop your own sense of style, but at first the transition from grungy kid to confident grown-up can be rough. As you start finding your personal style, you’ll want to explore menswear trends of past and present, keeping in mind that at the simplest level, there are three key essentials to men’s style, according to know-everything site, BuzzFeed: fit, fabric, and style. This basic tenet holds true for off-duty wear as well.

william henry Sterling silver carbon-fiber bracelet

Fit, fabric, and style play a strong role in transforming your suit from sad to stylish, but there are other things that you can do to update your wardrobe. And you don’t even have to search your closet. Just adding a few of the latest accessories in men’s fashion trends for fall 2018 can make a big difference in how you look. Even if you’re not usually into jewelry, consider trying something new like men’s fashion bracelets or skull cufflinks to update your look.

Men’s Fall Trends for 2018

Men’s fashion trends for fall 2018 include some classic staples like raincoats and bomber jackets. In addition to the old standbys, the season also has a couple of surprises like fuzzy sweaters and shirts that are normally worn by old guys on vacation. If you’re ready to take a fashion risk and add a couple of trendy pieces to your existing wardrobe, here are some trends to try to incorporate into your existing wardrobe and the best ways to rock them without looking like you’re trying too hard:

  • • Aloha shirts: Hawaiian shirts aren’t just for summer anymore. This fall, men can feel like they are on vacation all year round by stocking up on Hawaiian shirts. Men who live in warm climates that don’t get much of a temperature drop at this time of year should definitely get in on the trend by choosing to wear Aloha shirts that fit well and feel good. To avoid looking like an old dude, be sure to pick patterns that are fresh for fall 2018. Instead of the usual tropical prints, choose the latest styles that feature painter inspired strokes and prints. And pair it with dark chinos and leather shoes that are more boardroom than beach for a complete look. Accessorize with a fierce skull necklace and save the puka shells for an actual Hawaiian getaway.

william henry skull necklace

  • • Fuzzy sweaters: As the weather cools down but still isn’t totally cold, sweater weather kicks in. This year, look for the latest sweater styles that not only have thick stripes that indicate cozy, but also feel cozy. Soft, fuzzy sweaters will not only feel good on you, they also invite a touch from others looking to feel warm and cozy. Because it’s fall, it’s also time to start layering. Skip the old t-shirts and wear your sweater over button downs and dress shirts. A fuzzy sweater is a perfect accompaniment for a tough accessory like a cool men’s bracelet or even rugged skull cufflinks for a study in contrasts. 

Another way to take your outfit to the next level with a bit of an edge is by adding accessories to transform a look from boring to bold.

How to Incorporate Accessories into Your Men’s Fall Look

One of the best ways to transform your wardrobe is with small pieces. Try using accessories as a way to personalize your current closet.

  • • Cufflinks: You can never have too many cufflinks. Skull cufflinks can give even the most severe suit a subtle hint of rock n’ roll. Cufflinks help show your personality, especially when you choose a quality piece that will last for years. Make cufflinks more modern by pairing them with your casual fall wardrobe, like chinos or jeans, and see how the look is instantly upgraded.
  • • Key chains: When you carry your keys and your smartphone in your hand, adding key chains helps delineate them as part of your personal style, rather than just a lack of pocket space. Just a simple key chain can make your keys standout when you’re searching for them as well as provide a talking point for anybody that might notice. Look for a well-made key chain that won’t fall off your keys and get lost and is small enough to fit into your pants pocket without creating a bulge.

william henry key chain

  • • Wallet/money clip: A brightly hued money clip or wallet can add a flash of creativity. Black and brown are boring standards. Try going for a more unexpected way to keep your cash. A money clip with a natural stone provides a flash of shine without much flashiness for a classic whisper of masculinity.
  • • Bracelets: Bracelets are an easy entry into guy jewelry that makes a subtle statement. Peeking out from a cuffed sleeve, they can warm up a fall wardrobe. Look for bracelets crafted from warm metals for a soft glimmer the brings a bright spot to fall layers. With short sleeves, choose a cool men’s bracelet with beads or softly woven fibers to make a casual outfit more pulled together. And with properly rolled sleeves, a bracelet completes the ultimate cool guy transformation.
  • • Necklaces: A necklace can help add personal style to a casual look. Pair it with an Aloha shirt to show off your appreciation for the arts. Skip flashy gold chains in favor of something stronger and softer, like Kevlar fibers. A necklace woven from Kevlar can be worn in any condition without damage and doesn’t require upkeep like more delicate materials such as gold.

william henry onyx bead bracelet with dinosour fossil

Choose quality, well-made pieces for your accessories to upgrade your look for occasions that call for making a good first impression, including first dates and job interviews. Quality pieces will impress people that recognize a well-dressed man, whether in a suit or in the surf.

William Henry’s Accessories for Fall 2018

William Henry is a good place to start for men that aren’t familiar with accessories. Unique pieces are designed to be rugged, long-lasting, and blend well with any style. Whether you spend your day in an office or the outdoors, you can find a unique piece that works for you. Pieces from William Henry also make great luxury gifts for everything from holiday presents to birthdays and have the benefit of being memorable and thoughtful. Unlike generic ties or gift cards, men’s fashion bracelets and unique finds like handcrafted pocket knives offer a personal touch for guy gift giving.

Accessories from William Henry are unique because they come from a functional fashion standpoint. Originating from pocket knives, William Henry now encompasses a variety of accessories for men including cufflinks, bracelets, key chains, and more that help to enhance a man’s wardrobe. By sourcing the finest materials, William Henry creates classic, timeless pieces that are often unique and limited edition because no two men are alike, and their personal style shouldn’t be either. William Henry appreciates the lost art of craftsmanship and strives to create pieces as different as their owners. The results are a variety of pieces that are casual, functional, and elegant enough to be worn on any occasion.

 For more men’s fall fashion trends for 2018 or to find luxury gifts for the man in your life, explore William Henry.


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