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Seven Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Sexy

You've got the hang of making sure your socks match, but when it comes to fashion, you could use a few tips. That's okay— we’ve got seven simple steps to take to make your current wardrobe sexier.

  1. Make Your Wardrobe Sexy with the Right Clothes

One of the most obvious ways to improve the sex-appeal of your wardrobe is to overhaul your selection of clothing. Consider your personal style and what you want your look to say, then get to choosing the sexiest pieces for that message. Make sure your selections are in style, to keep up with those fashionable celebrity sex symbols.

nick jonas wearing william henry necklace

Are you a creative, forward-thinking man who likes to stay on top of trends? Pair trendy graphic tees with crisp jeans or flat-front pants and a low, V-neck cardigan. Are you a more traditional, professional gentleman? Pair a well-tailored button-down with a classy pair of cufflinks and black pants or jeans for an upscale-but-still-casual look that shows off your professional style. 

Women also go crazy for the simplicity of a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Find a shirt that gently hugs your arms to emphasize your biceps (this will help you look bigger). Consider making it a V-neck to show off more of your chest. For the jeans, choose something with subtle distress for that tough, rugged look. 

  1. Watch the Fit, Cleanliness, and Condition of Your Clothes

It's one thing to have a variety of sexy shirts, pants, and jackets to create a style, but it's another thing to ensure they look sexy on you (and stay that way). This means finding the right fit, keeping your wardrobe clean, and knowing when an item is too worn out or stained to keep wearing. Wearing dirty, tattered clothing is definitely not sexy.

Whenever you purchase a new item of clothing, make sure it fits you properly: not too tight, but not too loose. Wearing baggy clothes can make you look sloppy or heavier than you actually are. Wearing something that's too tight might seem to show off your pecs at first, but the piece may gap when you're sitting or tear quickly, rendering it unwearable.

Wash clothing on a regular basis according to the directions on the tag (take note of any items that are dry clean only!) and keep an eye out for holes, pit stains, and other unsightly signs of wear. If it can't be easily mended, it's probably time to replace.

  1. Add Masculine Accessories and Jewelry

One of the most important ways to increase your wardrobe's sex appeal is to accessorize appropriately. Complement your clothing choices with a nice collection of attractive, masculine men's beaded necklaces or men's fashion bracelets to put the finishing touches on your look. In general, natural materials like stone, wood, metal, fossil, and leather have an inherently masculine look and feel to them, so jewelry and accessories featuring these types of materials are ideal for bringing out your manliest traits.

william henry sterling silver knife with fossil mammoth tooth

Consider pieces like those from William Henry's new Silver Warrior collection, created in partnership with the family of iconic artist Frank Frazetta. Perhaps best known for the album covers of bands and artists like Molly Hatchet and Wolfmother, Frazetta's art heavily features fantasy scenes of Vikings and other figures engaged in battle.

To capture that warrior essence, William Henry has used the images of swords, shields, and Norse mythology to create incredibly cool men's bracelets and necklaces from natural materials like silver, sardonyx, sodalite, and leather.

  1. Carry a Unique Luxury Item as Part of Your Aesthetic

Add another layer of intrigue to your style by keeping a unique personal luxury item like an engraved pocket knife or high-end writing utensil in your pocket at all times. Women love a man with a little something extra, and this is a great way to show you've got a taste for luxury and class.

william henry sterling silver skull pendant

High-end knives and pens from William Henry are available in a variety of striking styles and materials, including silver, titanium, quartz, coral, acorn, turquoise, copper, ironwood, and mammoth tooth.

  1. New Style, New You? Be Brave with Your New Look!

Whether you're trying out a different style or are new to the world of fashion altogether, making your wardrobe sexier leaves absolutely no room for you to be shy! Rather than holding back and opting for a more conservative look, go bold and get noticed. This process is about looking sexy, not about blending in. 

Don't ruin an otherwise great-looking outfit by wearing the same old worn-out watch you wear every day. Have a selection of stylish men's watches and bracelets to accessorize with, and you'll be able to mix and match to keep the ladies guessing. Never worn men's jewelry before? Don't worry! Going bold means going all-in. With a masculine fossil necklace or beaded sterling silver cross, you can pull your look together with a single eye-catching accessory.

  1. Develop an Overarching Personal Style

william henry sterling silver bracelet

While there's nothing wrong with having a variety of types of clothing in your wardrobe, you'll probably find that you lean more toward a certain kind of look. Without limiting yourself to one or two outfits, it can be helpful to figure out what your own personal style is and really hone your wardrobe from there.

 For example, you might start out by trying some trendy layered looks and edgy accessories (skull jewelry for men, for example), but find that, over time, most of your looks trend toward simple leather bracelets and comfortable, minimalist shirts. As long as you keep working on your wardrobe, your style will develop naturally.

  1. Don't Be Afraid to Try New Pieces

Even after you've developed your own style, it's important to stay open-minded about your look, especially since fashion changes over time. The last thing you want is to corner yourself into a style that you're afraid to leave long after it's no longer hot.

william henry bronze pendant necklace

Always keep your eyes and ears open to what's trending and be willing to give it a try—remember to be bold and confident! Incorporate one or two new trends now and again (color, layering, pattern, etc.) to stay on top of things. You don't have to become a couture snob, but being somewhat fashion forward = sexy.

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