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Rogue 'Manta' Product Image
Rogue 'Manta' Product Image
Rogue 'Manta' Product Image
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Rogue 'Manta' Product Thumbnail
Rogue 'Manta' Product Thumbnail
Rogue 'Manta' Product Thumbnail

Rogue 'Manta'

Edition of 888 pieces

Rogue 'Manta'


The Manta is a beautiful piece, worthy of the toughest tasks and finest collections. The blade is S35VN, a state of the art alloy that holds a great edge. Shaving sharp, but tough enough to handle any task. Housed in an aerospace grade titanium handle, inlaid with curly Koa wood, and beautifully hand finished. Fittings are tempered stainless steel with inlaid smoky quartz.

Features & Specs

  • One-hand button lock system
  • Leather carrying case
  • Shipped in an elegant wood presentation box
  • Dimensions: 
  • \r\n

    Blade 3.88" (98.5mm)
    Handle 4.63" (117.6mm)
    Overall open 7.75" (196.8mm)

Rogue 'Manta'
Edition of 888 pieces


S35 VN Steel material image

S35 VN Steel

S35VN is a quality stainless steel manufactured by Crucible Industries’. The letters “S,” “V,” and “N” refer to the terms “stainless,” vanadium,” and “niobium,” respectively. S35VN steel is composed of 1.4 percent carbon, 14 percent chromium, 3 percent vanadium, 2 percent molybdenum, and .5 percent niobium. Carbon is the most essential element in the hardness of steel; the higher the carbon content, the harder the knife is. When combined with other alloys including chromium and vanadium, carbides are formed which are harder than just the carbon alone.

Despite the high level of toughness in this steel, which usually diminishes a steel’s wear resistance, this steel does not lose out on a superior resistance to wear and chipping. Combined with carbon, the niobium carbides make the steel more effective in providing resistance to wear and edge chipping than if it were more dependent on chromium, which is the case with many other steels. The resulting edge holding ability of this steel is remarkable, ensuring S35VN steel to be a long lasting one.

Titanium material image


Titanium is a low density, strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant (including sea water, aqua regia and chlorine) metal with a silver color.
It was discovered in Great Britain by William Gregor in 1791, and named by Martin Heinrich Klaproth for the Titans of Greek mythology

William Henry uses only aerospace-grade titanium alloy for our frames, clips, and micro-fasteners. Called 6Al/4V, it is titanium with a little aluminum and vanadium added in for additional toughness and tensile strength.

Curly Koa material image

Curly Koa

Koa is a fabled tree, and wood, sourced responsibly from the Hawaiian islands. It is reddish brown in color, takes a beautiful polish, and can occasionally offer very fine figuring/curl and chattoyance. William Henry uses only the highest grade of figured Koa (as available) for our work, resin-stabilized for durability.

Smoky Quartz material image

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a grey, translucent variety of quartz. It ranges in clarity from almost complete transparency to a brownish-gray crystal that is almost opaque.
Smoky Quartz was known as a Stone of Power. To the ancient Druids, it was sacred and signified the potent dark power of Earth gods and goddesses.

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