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WH Wins the JCK Jewelers' Choice Award

The leading industry event and publication awards first place to William Henry

The JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards is the industry’s biggest and most prestigious retailer-determined design competition. Celebrating its seventh year, Jewelers’ Choice continues to challenge designers and manufacturers to create innovative and salable pieces and to offer retailers the opportunity to vote on their favorites

William Henry won first place in the Contemporary Metal Jewelry category with the the Spearpoint 'Freedom' pocketkinife. The piece features a mesmerizing frame hand-engraved in Italy by the master artisans of Bottega Incisioni, a stunning hand-forged, heat-blued 'flag' damascus blade, and button lock and thumbstud set with rubies.

The award was announced on the March issue of JCK Magazine, and the piece will be extensively featured throughout the year as one of the most beautiful and original examples of jewelry design for men.

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