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WH introduces the Silver Warrior collection

Inspired by the iconic painting by Frank Frazetta, and developed in official partnership with the Frazetta Family.

In honor of the American artist who started a movement, William Henry has just released a collection of 18 limited edition luxury accessories inspired by the godfather of fantastical illustrations, Frank Frazetta.

The new William Henry collection, which includes exquisite men’s jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, necklaces and a ring, in addition to a stunning one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted pocketknife valued at $75,000, celebrates one of Frazetta’s most famous works, “The Silver Warrior,” which he painted in 1972.

Incredibly detailed yet decidedly rugged, William Henry's Silver Warrior Collection takes literal inspiration from the painting, each piece highlighting a symbolic Silver Warrior design, including the iconic warrior’s sword, his elaborate armor, the finely wrought sled and the majestic polar bears. Designed and hand-crafted featuring materials such as sterling silver, bronze, Sodalite beads, Sardonyx agates and blue sapphire, costs for each piece in the Silver Warrior collection range from $175 to $1,250, with no two being exactly alike.

The highlight of this rare collection is an extraordinary one-of-a-kind $75,000 pocket knife that captures the Silver Warrior forever in a true masterpiece. Hand engraved and signed by the engraver, this piece showcases 24K gold, blue sapphires and sterling silver, with a hand-crafted forged stainless Damascus steel blade, intricately designed and honed to a razor edge. Known for creating some of the most exclusive pocketknives in the world, William Henry’s master designers took inspiration from Frazetta’s fantastical work to execute this sublime collector’s item.

“This collection honors Frank Frazetta’s legacy and the subjects of his timeless artwork. He was a bold, imaginative artist who set the standard for others who followed–the Silver Warrior painting is a world unto itself, and each of these pieces has been designed to capture that spirit and tell the story,” said Matt Conable, founder of William Henry and lead creative designer.

Frank Frazetta is widely considered to be the most influential and emulated fantasy artist in history. Beginning in the 1940s, his prolific, critically-acclaimed work has been featured on well-known comic books, paperbacks, movie posters and rock album covers, inspiring an entire genre of creators and illustrators for generations.

"The Frazetta Jr. family is extremely proud to work with William Henry to bring Frank Frazetta's iconic artwork to life in a timeless collection worthy of The Frazetta Museum and his legacy,” said Frank Jr. and Lori Frazetta.

Beginning in October, the William Henry Silver Warrior is available online at and at select luxury men’s retailers throughout the nation.

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