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WH launches 'Satin'

A men's jewelry collection centered on stunning simplicity

William Henry, an award-winning designer of luxury men’s jewelry and pocketknives, has unveiled a stunning new collection of unique men’s jewelry called “Satin,” featuring 22 pieces rooted firmly in the philosophy that less is more.

Like a high-performance race car, William Henry’s new Satin line is a study in fluid form and clean lines, where understated simplicity belies the powerful precision of every handcrafted detail. Satin includes 10 new bracelets, eight necklaces and four cufflinks styles available online and at William Henry retailers throughout the U.S., with prices ranging from $2,250 to $250.

The star attraction of William Henry’s Satin line is use of rare and exquisite stones and minerals known for their remarkable patterns and natural hues, including Meteorite, Black Jade and Red Tiger Eye. New for the brand, Satin also incorporates the use of Labradorite, an organic crystal treasured for its remarkable play of color that refracts light in iridescent shade of peacock blue, gold, pale green or coppery scarlet. Each piece is highlighted by sterling silver forged to emphasize the beautiful shades and patterns of the materials, along with the masterful design details that can be found all the way down to the clasps which are often adorned with a single gemstone.

“Our Satin collection is based on a simple premise–that less is more,” said Matt Conable, lead creative designer for William Henry. “By designing and crafting the finest pieces we can imagine, our intention is to create objects of beauty based on pure form and function, not adornment.  This collection reflects that vision, with clean lines, timeless form, exceptional craft and attention to detail that will last generations.”

Satin’s sleek lines are a sign of meticulous editing by William Henry designers, who strived to create minimalistic, yet finely-wrought pieces destined to become instant classics–favorites meant to be worn on a daily basis. Arguably one of William Henry’s most contemporary jewelry lines to date, Satin radiates with unabashedly bold shapes and potent style that also have a gender-neutral approachability, a cornerstone of William Henry’s signature designs.


“The idea was to create something that was familiar yet contemporary. Clean and elegant, straightforward and sophisticated,” said Tony Rodrigues, William Henry creative designer for the Satin collection. “The inspiration was a combination of form-meets-function with influences from Scandinavian design, creating jewelry that feels masculine but also is a thing of beauty.”

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