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Navigating Holidays for Men

Take a look at our handy graphic for surviving the holidays 
William Henry is a unique man’s brand. And while we make folding knives, money clips, and jewelry, it is our mission to enhance the honor and integrity of men, to enable our customers to be exemplary in their lives. This is the genesis of the graphic below, a tongue in cheek graphic for mastering the holidays—with some very relevant information. The holidays can be overwrought with expectation and emotion. This guide helps you navigate the season and make you the master of your domain.

Navigating Holidays for Men

William Henry is an American company designing and crafting superb heirlooms for men.
The brand earned its popularity for creating exquisite and award-winning folding knives and elevating these pieces to timeless keepsakes. Our present collections also include men's jewelry, writing instruments, money clips, cuff links, key chains and more.
Rare and exotic materials, precious metals, gemstones, and hand-forged alloys are the hallmark of William Henry's work. But what makes this brand so unique is that it has kept the quality and feel of a craftsman’s workshop, where most pieces are designed and created only in limited, often unique editions.
We strive to help enhance your legend as a man. We invite you to look at our collection and discover another piece of your story.

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