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The 'Geneva' is our first collection of money clips. Money clips are often pedestrian; we decided to design and create something belonging among the finest objects in a man’s wardrobe. Sensible proportions, gorgeous materials, and exceptional craftsmanship – in short, a money clip worthy of bearing the William Henry brand.

Custom damascus, mokume, titanium, and other metals are fitted with inlays of fossil dinosaur or Mammoth, fossil ivory, shell, hardwood, carbon fiber, and other materials – simply signature William Henry. The inlays are often punctuated by an inlaid gemstone in an 18K bezel.

Each clip is machined and polished from tempered stainless steel, with a beautiful engraving bright cut against the matte-finished background. Multiple micro-torx screws and custom spacers join the clip to the body, where our exclusive range of exotic alloys and natural materials are on proud display.

Our money clips are limited to 500 of each model worldwide – the model and serial number are engraved into the stainless clip. Packaged in our elegant wood box with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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