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Touchstone 4


Touchstone 4


This fine William Henry key chain features a sculpted bronze skull bead, with an antique patina and set with two spessartite gemstones. 
The brown leather lanyard is finished with a bronze skull ‘slider’, bronze knot retainer, and a black nickel-coated clasp.
Comfortably sized, elegant and masculine, the Touchstone keychain is the perfect addition to a man's pocket; a distinguished personality statement to be used and carried for a lifetime.

Features & Specs

  • Bronze knot retainer
  • Nickel-coated clasp

Touchstone 4 TOUCHSTONE 4
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Spessartite is an orange to red-brown gemstone that belongs to the large and varied garnet species. While it was once just a collector's gem, spessartite, an orange variety of garnet, made its move into the mainstream during the 1990s when new deposits were discovered in Africa.
Like most garnets, spessartite is typically untreated, so the beautiful color and clarity that you see in them is just as nature created it. Spessartite garnet is named after its first discovery in Spessart, Bavaria, in the mid 1800's.

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