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On the wrist

Bold, elegant designs to sharpen your personal style

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William Henry's impeccable craftsmanship and exotic materials create cool, rugged, modern bracelets for the fashion-forward individual. William Henry innovates upon the classic and functional bracelet design and incorporates high-quality gemstones and metals to create a truly eye-catching look.

William Henry's designer bracelets are formed using the finest and most resilient materials known to man; aircraft-grade stainless steel, durable paracords, or soft and supple leather pair with intricate patterns finely cast using high-tech equipment and innovative techniques to create striking details in every piece.

Exquisite materials partnered with carefully handcrafted design is the backbone of the William Henry brand.

William Henry bracelets have their own distinctive flair and unique attributes that make them truly wearable works of art. Wearers may adorn themselves with billion-year-old cosmic meteorite inlaid in sterling silver links, fossil mammoth tooth beaded bracelets, or 100,000-year-old fossil coral beads salvaged from an abandoned lime pit in the Florida Keys. Rare and striking materials are specifically designed to elevate any casual or formal ensemble.

Luxury bracelets are designed and assembled in the United States with tough metals that can withstand daily wear and tear. An expert team of artists and engravers employ fine hand-engraving and carving techniques that have been used for hundreds of years by ancient artisans.

Complete the look with with an equally refined necklace.