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Elements of Exclusivity

What does it mean to have an item that is exclusive? Does that mean that you had to pay a lot of money for it? Did you have to be placed on a waiting list until it was your turn? The fact is that having an item that is truly considered exclusive means that not just about anyone with disposable income or a credit card can purchase it. True, price can be a significant factor, but if it’s something that has a hefty price tag but is mass-produced, it loses its appeal. Why would you want a designer watch that looks exactly the same as thousands of others just because its price point is set reasonably higher than other brands? In order for something to be considered exclusive, you should consider the materials used. Are they rare and hard to come by because of their limited resources? Are there only limited quantities made of each product? From money clips to executive pens and high end pocket knives, the materials used can add value to each product if they’re exotic and come in limited quantities. For more information on the elements of exclusivity, reference our infographic. 

Elements That Make A Product Exclusive
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