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Dressing to Impress for Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, why not make this holiday one for the memory books? If you want to stand out this year, you’ll need to dress to impress. As a guy, there are endless outfits that you can wear to be the focal point at any party or in any picture. If you’re like us, you love spooky and gothic looks that play into the darkness of the holiday.

Our handcrafted accessories fit seamlessly into the holiday. From dark gemstones to darkened sterling silver, William Henry items are perfect for Halloween.

Want some help creating a stylish Halloween outfit? Save yourself some time and check out this guide for dressing to impress this Halloween. We’ve got fun tips for creating the ultimate Halloween outfit.

Outfit Ideas

To look your best this fall holiday, you’ll want to dress with this year’s latest and greatest fashion in mind.

Upscale Night Out

Blazers and sleek wool coats are in! These are perfect items for an upscale Halloween event. Look for a statement blazer that sets you apart from the crowd. Be sure to keep everything underneath your blazer minimal and neutral, such as a slub-tee or a cashmere-blend sweater.

Slim fit pants pair well with blazers. Since it's Halloween, choose a dark color like black or heather gray. Finish off your look with a pair of lace-up boots. If you really want to impress the crowd, go for a patent boot. Complement the look with silver cufflinks, and you’re ready to hit the town!

Casual Outfit

If you’re planning for a more casual Halloween, here’s an outfit to make sure you’re ready from head to toe. A cardigan or polo is perfect for a casual event. Again, stick with dark colors. Pair your top with a pair of leisure-fit pants—one of this year's hottest styles for men. These pants are dressy enough without being too much. Black or brown lace-up boots will keep your feet stylish and, more importantly, warm!

Relaxed and Super Casual Look

sterling silver white topaz cufflinks

For some Halloween events, simple is best. If you’re going for a relaxed and casual look, you can still look stylish. Be sure to wear:

  • • Slim-fit jeans
  • • A quality Halloween graphic t-shirt (we like the idea of skulls or bats!)
  • • Patent leather jacket
  • • Lace-up boots
  • • Accessories (hat, watch, fun socks, etc.)

Though simple, this look will keep you comfortable, yet ready for your night of ghosts, ghouls, and vampires.

Must-Have Accessories

Nothing takes an outfit from average to awesome quite like accessories. No matter what look you’re going for on Halloween, our high-quality items are sure to make your Halloween outfit the best yet.


A subtle yet fun way to bring your Halloween outfit to life is to wear cufflinks. At William Henry, we offer a wide variety of cufflinks that are perfect for Halloween. Our top pick is our skull cufflinks. These sterling silver cufflinks feature a sculpted skull with inlaid white topaz. They are durable, so you can wear them for many Halloweens to come!

Wear our skull cufflinks to turn a dark suit or dress shirt into an even darker fantasy. These cufflinks are perfect for turning a classic suit into a dark costume. No matter if you’re dressing up as a zombie hunter businessman or a gothic undead Victorian, these cufflinks add that subtle morbid touch to your outfit.

Our cufflinks for men can also be worn to the office or for a night out on the town. Check out our sterling silver cufflinks for an accessory that's flashy without being over the top.


Want to add a bit more style to your wrist? If so, check out our bracelet selection. Some of our bracelets are dark and gloomy—ideal for a Halloween outfit. Our top picks include:

  • • Neptune bracelet
  • • Lava Sanctum
  • • Ranger
  • • Origin 1
  • • Lava Zenith
  • • Sensei
  • • Shaman
  • • Gemini
  • • Serenity

We offer dozens of on-the-wrist accessories. To see each of our bracelets, check out our on-the-wrist page. You’re sure to find a bracelet to finish off your Halloween look.

william henry black kevlar bracelet


Pairing a statement necklace with a V-neck shirt is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. We offer a huge collection of cool necklaces for men. Our Unum necklace offers a Gothic cross pendant, or choose the Renegade pendant with a bold and chunky skull.

Want to give off a vampire or zombie hunter look? If so, check out the Damascus Joust necklace. Have no fear of zombies or evil spirits with a shield and sword around your neck! You can be prepared for anything that may come your way with the Morpheus Redeemer necklace—a unique knife necklace. That’s right! The sterling silver and Damascus pendant is actually a small pocket knife. The pendant’s gothic design will mesh with your outfit.

Other necklace options to consider wearing include:

  • • Ardent
  • • Dino Crux
  • • Kells Cross II

Other Items

Aside from jewelry, the William Henry store also offers other accessories that you can bring with you on Halloween night. Our intricate pocket knives and carrying cases will look nice inside your pocket.

 william henry damascus steel knife with fossil coral

We also design custom-made money clips using a variety of materials, including titanium, carbon fiber, and rainforest topaz. Carry your money in style with the Zurich Krypton or the Zurich Raven. Nothing shows you’re ready for Halloween like a dark money clip.

Silver Warrior Collection

Our entire Silver Warrior Collection is perfect for a gothic Halloween look. These pieces can be worn with any outfit. Our The Four bracelet is chunky and sure to catch eyes. Add some charm to your wrist with our Sodalite or Sardonyx Dauntless bracelet, inspired by the Silver Warrior's armor. The bold sterling beads and combined with Sodalite or Sardonyx may be just what you need to complete your look. Stack these bracelets for added boldness.

This collection also offers a variety of necklaces. Add a touch of evil vampire to your outfit without wearing a costume! The Raider pendant necklace brings the warrior sword to life. Set into a bronze frame, this necklace shows you're out for Halloween blood.

Or wear our Sardonyx shield necklace to protect you from evil Halloween spirits. The necklace is finished with sterling and Sardonyx accents.

High-End Luxury Gifts for Men

While the various collections and items at William Henry are perfect for Halloween, you can purchase from our store no matter the time of year. We specialize in personal gifts for men, including collector knives and custom pocket knives, as well as cool cufflinks, including skulls and other fun designs. Our expensive gifts for men are the perfect present to you, a friend, or a family member.

william henry copper wave pocket knife

Each of our pieces is custom made. If you want unique accessories for every event, William Henry is the brand for you. We are well-known for creating award-winning accessories. We’ve been able to transform tools into functional jewelry for men to wear to work, at home, or to a special event. Our natural materials, including gemstones and precious metals, are combined to create durable accessories that can be enjoyed for years to come.

No matter if you’re dressing up for Halloween or heading out for a fancy dinner, our William Henry store is sure to have the items you need. From necklaces to bracelets and even one-of-a-kind money clips, we have an item for you.

Contact us at 888.563.4500 or email our sales team at to learn about our inventory.

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