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Cuff Links


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William Henry's new collection of men’s cuff links features a fine palette of the exotic materials and forged metals that are the hallmark of William Henry's work. Each of these sterling silver cufflinks is made with the quality materials and superlative craftsmanship that are the hallmark of William Henry’s creations. The underlying architecture is crafted from surgical stainless steel for strength and durability; the bezel and toggle are in sterling silver with platinum, gold or ruthenium plating. The centerpieces feature our exceptional rare and exotic materials, each with a unique story to tell. Nothing will make a more impressive gift for him than sculpted sterling silver cuff links created with the finest materials and craftsmanship. A true testimony of beauty and distinction. Offerings from our collection of cuff links for men include 100 million year-old fossil dinosaur bone, fossil walrus ivory, fossil wooly mammoth tooth, and fossil coral cufflinks, as well carbon fiber, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, and hand forged Mokume gane, once used to decorate the hilts of Samurai swords. William Henry's cufflinks are designed and created to appeal to men with a strong and distinctive personality. Gifting a pair of cufflinks is an established tradition for the many circumstances when you need to meet the specific personality of the recipient. William Henry’ cufflinks are for a special type of man: we design and craft our cufflinks for individuals who choose their accessories to underline and communicate their own unique personality and character; not mere trend followers, but men who proudly sculpt their own individual style.