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CL2-4 Green Dino Product Image
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CL2-4 Green Dino


CL2-4 Green Dino


This sterling silver cufflink with an elegant patina is inlaid with a mesmerizing centerpiece made of green fossil dinosaur bone, the only remaining legacy of an Apatosaurus which walked the Earth 100 million years ago. The toggle is also sterling silver, while the underlying architecture is crafted from surgical stainless steel for strength and durability to last a lifetime.
William Henry's cufflink collection features a fine palette of the exotic materials and forged metals that are the hallmark of William Henry's work. The CL2-4 Dino is not only a unique personality statement to be worn and used for a lifetime, but also a truly captivating story to share.

CL2-4 Green Dino CL2-4


Fossil Dinosaur bone material image

Fossil Dinosaur bone

Dinosaur Bone is probably the most exotic of our fossil materials — the fossil comes from a 100 million year-old Apatosaurus. Found and sourced in Utah, dinosaur bone offers the possibility of owning one of the most ancient zoological testaments of the planet. The colors can vary from red to brown, black and green, depending on the minerals surrounding the bone as it became petrified.  

Here is a stunning 40lb specimen we shot here at the studio.

dino bone 

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