• Ventana 'Azure'

    The Ventana ‘Azure’ features a beautiful frame in Rhodium-plated nickel silver, inlaid with a stunning pave of genuine sapphires, hand-set in nickel silver. The blade is hand-forged 'Herring Bone' damascus by Rob Thomas, and the two-hand button lock is set with a sapphire.

    Ventana 'Azure' 

  • Monarch 'Entasis' II

    The Entasis II features a frame in Rhodium-plated nickel silver inlaid with over 300 hand-set white and blue genuine sapphires, precision cut by Swarovski Gems. The blade is etched carbon damascus steel. Blue sapphires adorn the button lock and thumb stud

    Monarch 'Entasis' II 

  • D3-Masters Fairway

    The 'Masters' Fairway is a mesmerizing, fully automatic golf tool featuring a frame in rhodium plated nickel silver, inlaid with a stunning pave of hand-set white and brown diamonds. The automatic button lock is also set with diamond.

    D3-Masters Fairway